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My Legislative XML Ninja Training

August 4, 2010 ,

By simonella_virus

Opening up government information, esp. legislation, in XML is crucial to creating open governments. It’s tough work, getting XML implemented, and it requires a certain level of kicking ass.¬† That is why I want to become a legislative XML ninja.

I received a scholarship for a 6+ day class on XML in legislatures, which happens to be in Italy. (I would go anywhere for this class, it just happens it’s in Italy. Given my not-so-fun run ins with Italian men on my last trip to Europe, I’m not actually looking forward to the “being in Italy” part.) See the program here: It’s an international class and a great opportunity to learn best practices. I need to pay my way there (airfare, lodging, etc.)

The topic of the class is one that’s helpful to a lot of governments, and they can’t afford to send anyone there for the class.

I want to become an legislative XML ninja and share the skills I learn from a week of classes, teaching¬† “open gov” groups and governments best practices. It’s an opportunity to help governments modernize and open up their information.

I’m fundraising as an individual, and am looking forward to sharing what I learn. To thank you for your gift, I’ll share what I’ve learned in the class with you. (6+ days of 8 hour classes distilled for you in plain English!)
I’m really thankful for your gift, and want to share with you, so, for every donation that is:

$1-$49— I’ll send you a 20 page report on the key components from the class, based on their curriculum shown here:

$50— I’ll do a 1 hour personal Q&A session with you via video chat based on the report and what your organization/government is looking to do to produce your legislative information or government information in XML, plus a copy of the report.

$100— I’ll do a live video training and presentation to your group or organization, with Q&A, plus copies of the report for everyone present, for up to 2 hours. Or, will do it in person if you’re within 100 miles of Seattle, WA.

$250— I’ll do an in-person training (3 hours) and presentation to your group of up to 50 people at your location between October 2010 and December 31st, 2011, when I am in your town for work. Cities I know I’m going to: New York, Washington DC, Portland OR, Vancouver BC, Olympia WA, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas TX, Austin TX, Salem OR, anywhere in Washington, or along the I-5 freeway.¬† If you’re somewhere else, we can work out a video chat or see if I can get to your location. I’m flexible.

My budget:

$1300 for airfare (flight+lovely airfare fees+luggage fees)
$660 for housing at an inexpensive hostel or B&B over 8 nights, plus tax.
$250 for train fare from Rome and to Blognia.
$100 for other transportation expenses, metro, etc.
$400 for food for 8 days.
$100 for any classroom expenses.
$80 for internet connection in Europe (wifi is rarely free over there)
$140 to cover fundraising feeds (Social wish charges 5% on donations.)

Thanks for considering donating, and I’m looking forward to sending you my report, doing a presentation, or hosting a session at your organization or office!


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