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My Favorite Things: Deals

December 23, 2010

Seattle Tippr Deal: $25 for $50 worth of food @ BluWater Bistro

Last night, a few of my family members said that they loved my coat. I replied that I got it for $35 bucks. They wanted to know where, and how I get all of these great deals of stuff, including travel, clothes, etc.  Running a nonprofit and being poor has made me really, really good at finding a deal.  So, I whipped up a list of the top deal sites I use, and I’m sharing them with you, too.

The sites are reputable, have good to amazing quality stuff, have excellent prices, and are fun to use.  They’re ideal for last-minute Christmas shopping, too!

For some of the sites, you get a discount for using my code. Other sites, you need the link listed to sign up (it’s a members can refer members site).  On a couple others, Gilt, Tablet Hotels, leave a comment above and I’ll send you an invite email (these sites don’t have referral links).


Daily Deals

You’re all using this. But did you know that you can plan vacations around it?  Search for cities you’re going to and buy resturant, activity, even hotel stays ahead of time with Groupon.  That’s what Guillaume and I did for a trip to San Diego. Saved a bunch of money and had fun, too! I like setting up 2 accounts, each with a different profile, because then I can customize an account for work (coworker gifts, business-related purchases like biz cards, etc. and I don’t have to worry about the purchase going on the wrong card.)

Like Groupon, except that it’s deals are on sale for 3 days, and the more people who buy, the better the deal gets. Example: a $14 for $25 of food at a Thai restaurant will “tip” after a certain number of people, and then you get a free thai iced tea with your deal, too.  I’ve scored a lot of great services (like discounts on graphic design), and cheap food ($6 for $12 of brunch) through Tippr. I even got Guillaume’s b-day present here ($50 for 2 hours on our own personal speed boat, doing a tour of San Diego!).  It’s locally owned, and You get $5 towards your first purchase with the link above.

Home Run
Similar to Groupon, but the deals are on sale for over a week, and the more you use Home Run, the more points you accumulate, which you can use to gift deals to friends (a friend sent me a free tan at Desert Sun—I wonder if he thought I was too pale) or for yourself.  You can connect up with friends on Facebook or Twitter and share deals.  Right now, they have a deal for $1 for a cup of chowder at Pike Place Chowder. It’s pretty cool, even if it seems a bit complicated at first. Strangely, the more time you spend on the site, the more credit you accumulate.

Daily Deals + Travel
Living Social
Also like Groupon, with a deal a day.  They have a new travel feature, with fun, luxurious trips to nearby “escapes.” Recently, they had a great deal for 2 nights in Whistler for $150, including breakfast, parking, and other add-ins.  There’s escapes for Oregon and for all over the West Coast. With this link, you get $5 towards your first purchase!

This site has “private sale” specials for travel destinations around the world. Often, its packages like hotel and dining at a spa/hotel in Tahiti. But, there’s also great hotel deals like Portland’s swank Ace Hotel for $80 (sale going on now, book for any time in the next couple of months!). You need the invite link to join.

Tablet Hotels
This is my favorite place to book hotels from.  Tablet screens hotels to meet it’s style, quality, and general awesome-ness standards. I’ve never been disappointed with a Tablet-selected hotel.  They’ve got really good deals on hotel rooms, and even some “budget hotels” like the Jupiter in Portland, that are under $100 but still cool, safe, and comfortable.  The also have a private sale area, similar to Jetsetter, and I’ve scored some killer deals at really amazing hotels.  With each hotel stay, you earn $10 in credit that you can apply to another stay. Hence, you should book each night of a multi-night trip separately. Sneaky, but awesome. Great searching tools, like, “search by destination” or “I want to get away.”

Retail and Travel

This site is like Groupon, Jetsetter, and Nordstroms Rack rolled into one.  High end clothing, home accessories, amazing getaway packages (Like… Go on safari! In a luxurious tent! And get a massage!), and new local deals. Seattle’s deal right now? Oh, just half off some kind of non-surgical procedure that will remove neck wrinkles, for the low price of $1,200. Despite that deal, there’s actually some good stuff to be had here. I picked up an awesome swimsuit for cheap, and there’s really high quality home stuff being sold here for super cheap.  Only caveat, their shipping is SLLLLOOOOOOW.  Do not expect it to arrive on time, but it will arrive.


I got this gorgeous pair of blue plaid shoes here for 80% off. Don’t laugh. They are way cuter than they sound.  They have clothing, home stuff, great items for gifts, esp. for babies or little kids, and they have private sale items through the whole site.  Their sales go fast, but you can see what sales are going to come up.  It’s a great place to get high quality shoes for cheap, or home stuff. Clothing tends to run on the small side.  Good customer service and fast shipping. Invite 10 friends, and get free shipping on our order.

Haute Look
Got my super cute Harajuku jacket here for just $35 (retail: $95), a pair of boots for $30, and face mask packs for $3.  They’ve got a mix of clothing, makeup (including a makeup deal of the day), travel deals, and shoes.  Fast shipping, make sure to ask customer service to group your items together so you save on shipping.  Good quality stuff, except for the shoes. Stick to the brand name shoes on this site.

Special Occasion: Rentals

Rent the Runway
RtR rents gorgeous, designer gowns. Unfortunately, they only go up to size 12 or 14. However, they also rent fabulous designer accessories for about 5% of the retail price. Rent some gorgeous earrings or baubles for a special occasion, wear ’em, ship ’em back.

Avelle (Formerly Bag, Borrow, or Steal)
Need a gorgeous designer bag for an event, or for a few months? -But not at a designer price? Rent a purse! Rent jewelry, and more.  Get gorgeous stuff for a fraction of the price and return it at the end of the month.


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